mercredi 17 décembre 2008

Maybe an improvised seminar

Because I really like seminar, I would to start a seminar and the subject will be:"I like capitalism only when it's good for my business." I think that would be awesome. For instance if I work for a corporation that gives you a small pay cheque, forget it you see that guy doesn't give you at you worth. Then you you think what a rip-off, maybe you should be your own boss when you see that kind of condition. I would be even more for the Quebec independance if many Québécois decided to be their own boss instead of working for the corporation who give you less. I would like to be filmed and it will be the time. I would certainly believe in "Vive le Québec libre" if I could see the contract I can get. I don't care who give me money, I don't care where they're from unless they talk about where they are from.

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