samedi 13 décembre 2008

The best part of Louis Théroux's documentry (When racism contadict its self with money)

I know Louis Théroux is a Quebecois decent who was born in England, the best part of his documentry is when Tom Metzger decided to meet a customer who is from Peru called Oscar. Oscar doesn't care what Tom stand for, because he thinks he's honnest and that would be the same thing to me, if I go in United States for instance and I know the girl or the guy doesn't like French in general, I would do business with her or him if I see she or he is honnest. Metzger didn't know where Oscar was from before Louis asked that question. I noticed every racist who wants to make money, they just don't care where people originally from when it's time to make money. I would do business with a racist person if the individual thinks they won't charge more to anybody including any ethnic groups which they don't want to socialize with them. I remember when I went to a black muslim restaurant on St-Michel boulvard in Montreal, normally those kind of people don't want to socialize with white people but as long as they get paid they don't care about it and I saw that guy was honnest to me and I would certainly come back to eat nice fish and chip there. After all I still believe in free speech.

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